• ░a░v░g░ ░t░o░o░l░b░a░r░s░


    ░a░v░g░ ░t░o░o░l░b░a░r░s░

    Supposed to protect users from malicious websites, could have allowed remote attackers to execute malicious code on computers.

    ░W░h░a░t░ ░i░t░ ░d░o░e░s░

    users who has a vulnerable version of AVG Secure Search installed, if the user opens a specifically crafted HTML Web page, email message or attachment in Internet Explorer. The rogue code would be executed with the privileges of the logged-in user.

    ░H░o░w░ ░t░o░ ░r░e░m░o░v░e░ ░i░t░


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